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Commercial Tours and Walkthroughs

Your Business Would like a 360 VR Tour…

I'm retired now so I don't really do commercial work anymore. I still occasionally make these kind of Virtual Tours. Mainly of places I visit on trips with Anne, or very local to me if there is something special to photograph and record for posterity. I upload these to Google Maps, not here.

At the time I am writing this, Google tells me that I have uploaded over 2500 panoramas, and they have had more than 15,000,000 views. Which I find 'interesting'.

Happy to chat if you are thinking of asking me to photograph something you are involved with. I'll leave the rest of this page as is so you can see what is possible.

Commercial Walkthroughs

I'm able to include many linked panoramas and add great interactive elements such as
These appear as clickable hotspots anywhere in the 360 sphere.

All useful to help inform your potential customers of exactly what your business does … hopefully helping to improve growth and long-term customer satisfaction.

A built in screensaver will run after a period of inactivity. This can be setup to work like a video or randomly show all of the locations.

Your business can link directly to the pages on this website from your own. This helps me with any updating or fine tuning as time goes by and the business evolves.

As a Google Street View Trusted Photographer I'm able to upload simplified versions of these interactive tours to Google's own servers.

Once approved by Google's internal vetting process the VR Tour will appear under any Google searches and linked to the business' own Google profile.

This includes Google search, Google Maps, Google Street View, etc. - All helps with the business' on-line visibility and how it appears to customers

Example VR tours I've made for businesses in North Wales:

Evolution Bikes
A new addition… Panos taken with a single-shot camera. Slightly less flexible than my normal kit, but very fast!
41 nodes Open in a New Window

Lodge Dinorwig

Just above where I live. Great food, coffee, and a bed for the night.

The main reason for me creating this tour was to highlight the very nice bunk-bed area where individual bunks are quite private and luxurious, very tastefully decorated I think, a fantastic resource for the area and the local community. A long way away from similar bunkhouses I've used on my travels.
Most tours start logically at the entrance of the premises. It is possible to use a web-link to jump straight to any node. This is useful if you have a new feature of some kind you want to highlight. This link for example, will take you directly to the bunk-bed area of the Lodge.

All of these features are customisable to your taste and commercial requirements

This tour is also published on Google Maps
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Cae Mabon, Fachwen

Also very close to home. This is a partially completed tour of Eric Maddern's wonderful site Cae Mabon, now available for viewing.

My first tour to include video clips embedded in the scenes as well as background sound and some directional sound when close to the river. The interiors of the building are yet to be photographed as they were all in a state of renovation at the time. Though I did manage to capture the inside of the iconic Roundhouse itself.
This tour is also on Google Maps
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Caban Cafe, Brynrefail

A continuous work in progress, Now on Google Maps with levels.
19 nodes over 2 floors Open in a New Window

North Wales Sports Massage
Great service from a qualified professional.
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Visit Wales EPIC promotion

Locations include Pen-y-Pass and Llandegla. This set is extremely popular on Google Maps.
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Beacon Climbing Wall, Caernarfon

The Beacon Climbing Wall moved to the old Barcud Studios in 2008. These photos were taken just before they opened properly as a favour to Steve & Gill.
This tour has motion / giro control on your iPhone as well as an interactive popup floor map. Move the phone in space to control the panorama.
9 nodes over 2 floors Open in a New Window

Slide-shows are also possible

Here is an example of a collection of 11 photos of an attempt at climbing a new route on Cloggy's Great Wall in 1980. Shot on Ektachrome with an Olympus OM1, mostly a 21mm lens, not digital.

You will need to find the actual area to click on in the panoama itself.

Buttons allow you to see each image individually or auto-run through them continuously.